Friday, 28 October 2011

wedding blogosphere

I just had a funny 'the internet is a weird-ass place' experience... in a random fit of procrastination I was looking through some old emails to 'clean out my inbox' and came across an email from our lovely wedding photographers notifying me that pics from the wedding had been accepted to the uber-wedding blog Style Me Pretty.

The blog entry was hilarious to see.  Our wedding looked so darn perfecty perfect. I mean, I didn't even read style me pretty when I was wedding planning because I thought it seemed too full of skinny blonde women who so very clearly had wedding planners.  And yet here was our little mis-matched, funky, slightly chaotic and yet completely hilarious wedding on there - looking way more put together than it had ever felt on the day.  The lesson at the time was that the wedding blogosphere is filled with gorgeous pictures, and that talented photographers can make your wedding look far more planned than it feels in reality (although, disclaimer, it's not like I'm trying to pretend we didn't put a TON of work into some of those wedding details).

Anyways, flash forward to today.  Cleaning out my inbox I re-find the link and go have another look, you know, just to remember how pretty it all looked and all.  But now there are some links on the bottom of the post to other blogs that re-posted pics.  And from there, links to someone's pinterest account.  I'm a pretty big pinterest fan, and all of the sudden I'm seeing pics from MY wedding on pinterest, re-pinned by all these people!  what the heck? I mean, I know in theory everything I pin on pinterest came from someone too, but it's bizarre to see these links to your OWN wedding making the rounds on other peoples' inspiration boards!  I feel this slightly strange mix of pride and a touch of embarrassment, like the collective memory of the internet has swept me up into it and I have no idea where it takes what I put out there.  I went to a talk recently about a 'digital after-life' and I think I now know what it feels like.


  1. Just popped over here from your beautiful post on APW and I love this one too! I had a very similar feeling when our photographers told us we were going to be on Style Me Pretty. I was on APW for months before we were engaged (and now it's been a year and a half since our wedding) and I was always so intimated by the rest of the wedding blog world. So to see us there felt so strange. I'll stop babbling because you say it far more eloquently, but I absolutely understand. The internet is a very strange place. I'm so glad you shared your post this morning though, it is now one of my favorites.

  2. I come over from APW too. I find the photo selection on APW and SMP interesting, in both cases it looks like you had a lovely wedding, but the overall impression from each site feels quite different.
    Also, is that a shout out to New Zealand on your trifle? Love.

  3. Caitlin - I remembered your wedding graduate post, and thought lots about it (and your follow up). Our situation is really different but I really understand the feeling of having to hold it together - and the toll that takes - to be there for your partner.

    Kat - indeed it is a NZ reference, living in London we wound up with lots of Kiwi friends, two of whom made an amazing trifle for the wedding. We've also enjoyed lots of other antipodean treats - expertly brewed coffee, lamingtons and afghans